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UPDATE on Munsieville Camp

I have spoken to Sunette Bridges and she has explained that they look after several camps and need help. The people from Coronation Park have gone to two camps. The Munsieville camp is a black squatter camp. They municipality put these people on the side of the squatter camp. She has been asking tirelessly for donations. I have been begging all over for Angels to donate here is what has been donated so far.

A very big THANK YOU to these 6 Angels for making a difference!!!

01. Bez Bez – has Donated poles to be delivered

02. Elmarie van Niekerk – 100 Pallets she lives in Port Edward and the Pallets needs to picked up and transported to JHb. No one is able to assist us as yet.

03. Dennis Brewes – 3x pallets, 2x steel doors, 3x 25l water containers and a crate of Lego Blocks for the children. He does not have a bakkie to transport the goods to the camp. We are both trying to find transport.

04. Paula Berghoff Rotteglia – Curtains, Carpeting, Transport is needed to have it picked up.

05. Adelle De Beer – Offered lots of wood it needs to be picked up and transported to the camp.

06. Philip – 100 brand new pallets, he will deliver. Here is the list that is needed urgently.


01. WATER – I have been begging water company's to please donate bottled drinking water NO one has been willing to buy or donate as yet but I will keep on phoning around.

02. NON PERISHABLE FOOD – These people have NO Food and NO means of cooking. There is No wood to make a fire or water to cook. Phillip is trying to get food in from his friends and I am begging for Angels near Krugersdorp to please get tin foods together.

03. WOOD – This is to make fire and to be able to make flooring in the shacks.

04. ANY OTHER BUILDING MATERIAL – To use to strengthen the shacks and to build a structure so that they can sit in the shade and not in the HOT sun.

05. We need to set up a safe area for the children to play.

06. We need someone with a Bakkie or small truck that can collect and drop off the material.

If ANYONE is willing to help in ANY way Please Contact Leigh Oxley Du Preez on 0727388101

If you cannot donate goods, please donate money to help purchase goods locally.