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How We Use Your Financial Donations

The South Africa Family Relief Project is an American based non-profit corporation. We are a business, in the business of helping people rather than making a profit for individuals.

Charities can get a bad reputation for using donations and grant money for things that may not seem to be part of the cause. After all, should not every bit of a donation be used for the cause intended? In a perfect world, 100% of our donations would go right to the root of the cause we are so passionate about. My 50 dollars should produce that much in groceries on the table of a needy South African family, right?

Unfortunately, that is not how our imperfect world works.

In order to be successful at the business of helping people we need to think bigger and understand the real situation in the region. The truth is that there is food, clothing and other necessities there. The challenges we face are in locating these goods and distributing them to the people in need. Businesses and individuals are more eager to help than you might imagine. However, ask them to drive an hour or more to deliver their donation and the eagerness often fades quickly.

Getting Help To Where It Is Needed

The focus of the South Africa Family Relief Project is currently to collect and distribute goods donations within South Africa. Your financial donations will be used to facilitate this process. The more you give, the more we can collect and distribute. Your donations may be used for one or more of the following:

•  Equipment for food and goods storage, such as a refrigerator and freezer.

•  Vehicles and petrol used for goods distribution.

•  Rental space where donations may be processed for distribution.

•  Modest compensation for individuals in key positions.

•  Supplies, such as for repacking a bulk food donation.

•  Office equipment and supplies, basic items needed to run a business.

•  Bank and money transfer fees.

•  Legal and accounting services.

•  Advertising to raise awareness and seek new donations.

So in reality my $50 donation may go a lot further than a bag of groceries for one family. It might pay for a tank of petrol that picks up a R5000 donation of food and brings it to a squatter camp hours away. Without that tank of petrol, the vehicle and the person to do it, the donation cannot get to where it is needed.

We pledge that your donations to our charity will be used wisely and not for the personal gain of any individuals. We are a business in the business of helping people. And we are passionate about what we do.